Paul O. Mims | KiKi bootz

Studio emcee is a creative studio that is home to all of my ideas, works, and creativity. My name is Paul O. Mims and i am the founder and creative director. My background is rooted in nutrition, wellness, and food operations. I have over ten years experience in working in the food world. I am building a space where my art and services can put a smile on someone’S face. yOU CAN ALSO FIND MY WRITING ON FOOD, CULTURE, AND TRAVEL IN NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS SUCH AS bON APPETIT AND FOOD & wINE. yOU MAY ALSO FIND MY GOOD JUDY, KiKi bootz REPRESENTING ME (DRAG PERSONA). sHE SPENDS HER TIME performing, entertaining, and kiki’ng with others. You can find her perfoRMING IN THE nEW yORK cITY DRAG SCENE. hER podcast “So TUCKING DELICIOUS!,” CAN BE FOUND ON SPOTIFY AND APPLE PODCASTS. hER DINNER PARTY SERIES, SO TUCKING DELICIOUS! dINNER party, RAISES MONEY FOR CHARITABLE CAUSES that helps homeless and food insecure queer folks.

rEMEMBER, Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken!